The purpose of this website is to connect COVID-19 patients under treatment with Potential plasma donors who are recovered from covid-19 and are willing to donate their plasma voluntarily.

 In this regard, we at plasmadonor.in neither engage ourselves into any monetary benefits nor we promote such wrong doings. If you wish to join us in this social movement then you are required to follow the following terms and condition:

1.       You (Donor, Recipient family member and Volunteer) will not engage yourself into any bribe or monetary benefits in exchange of plasma.

2.       No one will use the information shared herewith will be used for any other purposes.

3.       The data will not be shared with anyone other than plasmadonor.in team.

4.       The information shared herewith will be kept confidential and will not be shared with external parties for any other purposes.

5.       Plasmadonor.in keep right to dis-engage any volunteer without any advance notice.

For Volunteers

I agree that I am registering with plasmadonor.in only for helping the society. No money or other benefits are demanded by me. Plasmadonor.in has not promised any monetary benefits for my work with plasmadonor.in. I agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above.

For Donors

I agree that I am ready to donate plasma voluntarily by understanding all risks involved into the process and agree to donate plasma on my own risk. Plasmadonor.in will not be responsible for any such issues in any case. I agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above.

For Recipient

I agree that I need plasma for my patient and plasmadonor.in has not demanded any monetary benefits for it. I understand that plasmadonor.in is not responsible for plasma quality related issues. Necessary testing will be done by approved laboratory only. I agree that plasmadonor.in is not responsible for any implications due to received plasma.